Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catherine Review

Beautiful women, booze, adultery, sheep, and blocks. Catherine is an amazingly unique (and most would say niche) and interesting game. The basic story is that of Vincent, a 32-year old software programmer in a long-term (and slow going) relationship with Katherine. All is well until Katherine decides she wants to get married, and Vincent "accidentally" sleeps with another woman, Catherine. Now Vincent must fight for his life every night by climbing an endless tower of blocks and booby traps along with all the other low-life sheeple. If this crazy premise has you drooling for more detail (and why shouldn't it?) read on after the break.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shadow Era (ios,Android,PC/MAC)

I stumbled upon a fairly new game while looking for a quick fix on my Droid this past weekend. Shadow Era is a Magic The Gathering / World of Warcraft style "collectible" card game. The basic mechanics of the game are amazingly fun, and you have the option of collecting new cards for free through gameplay, or more quickly for cash or ad-based promotions.