Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Essentials

I'll admit, I'm incredibly late to the whole D&D thing. Growing up a fan of RPGs I had always seen Dungeons and Dragons, I was aware it existed, but I didn't know anyone who actually played. As I got older I had considered starting up a group myself, but with so many books out, and with several different versions, it seemed a daunting task. Until now.

A group of friends and I recently discovered the Essentials line of D&D. We each agreed to chip in and get all the materials we needed (relatively few, 2 books and a Dungeonmaster set were all we really needed. We got extra books for convenience however).

Gaming on a Budget/Swagbucks

So a lot of my friends wonder how I'm always buying new games. I'm not rich, and my girlfriend isn't a big fan of me "wasting" my money. I've got a few things that help keep me gaming, and keep me out of the doghouse.

The first is of course always looking for a deal. Amazon's Daily Deal has hooked me up a number of times (cheap Mortal Kombat, LA Noire, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2). Often these deals can be found within a month of a game releasing. If it's not a game that you 100% have to have on release date, a little patience can save you a lot of cash.

First Post, Blog Intent

As can be easily seen above this blog is intended to cover a fair number of items.  A little about myself:  I'm an avid gamer, a reader, and computer enthusiast. 

Most of the coverage will be reviews, as well as previews.  However, not everything will be the newest of the new, I'll also try to throw in a lot of my personal favorites.  I've got a huge library of games, books (both fiction, non-fiction, and technical), and movies. 

Hope you find whatever your looking for and find the site entertaining as well as informational.