Saturday, September 3, 2011

Disgaea 4 - Coming Up

Yesterday, I received my early copy of Disgaea 4. I'm logging as many hours so I can get a quality review posted quickly. Luckily, that isn't the only reason I'm playing the game like a madman. Nippon Ichi appear have continued with the same level of quality and depth they are known for. Though not much has changed (minor tweaks to keep some things fresh are there) some might find the game a bit more of the same, but fans of the series will most likely not be disappointed. Stay tuned for a full run down coming soon.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catherine Review

Beautiful women, booze, adultery, sheep, and blocks. Catherine is an amazingly unique (and most would say niche) and interesting game. The basic story is that of Vincent, a 32-year old software programmer in a long-term (and slow going) relationship with Katherine. All is well until Katherine decides she wants to get married, and Vincent "accidentally" sleeps with another woman, Catherine. Now Vincent must fight for his life every night by climbing an endless tower of blocks and booby traps along with all the other low-life sheeple. If this crazy premise has you drooling for more detail (and why shouldn't it?) read on after the break.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shadow Era (ios,Android,PC/MAC)

I stumbled upon a fairly new game while looking for a quick fix on my Droid this past weekend. Shadow Era is a Magic The Gathering / World of Warcraft style "collectible" card game. The basic mechanics of the game are amazingly fun, and you have the option of collecting new cards for free through gameplay, or more quickly for cash or ad-based promotions.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons Essentials

I'll admit, I'm incredibly late to the whole D&D thing. Growing up a fan of RPGs I had always seen Dungeons and Dragons, I was aware it existed, but I didn't know anyone who actually played. As I got older I had considered starting up a group myself, but with so many books out, and with several different versions, it seemed a daunting task. Until now.

A group of friends and I recently discovered the Essentials line of D&D. We each agreed to chip in and get all the materials we needed (relatively few, 2 books and a Dungeonmaster set were all we really needed. We got extra books for convenience however).

Gaming on a Budget/Swagbucks

So a lot of my friends wonder how I'm always buying new games. I'm not rich, and my girlfriend isn't a big fan of me "wasting" my money. I've got a few things that help keep me gaming, and keep me out of the doghouse.

The first is of course always looking for a deal. Amazon's Daily Deal has hooked me up a number of times (cheap Mortal Kombat, LA Noire, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2). Often these deals can be found within a month of a game releasing. If it's not a game that you 100% have to have on release date, a little patience can save you a lot of cash.

First Post, Blog Intent

As can be easily seen above this blog is intended to cover a fair number of items.  A little about myself:  I'm an avid gamer, a reader, and computer enthusiast. 

Most of the coverage will be reviews, as well as previews.  However, not everything will be the newest of the new, I'll also try to throw in a lot of my personal favorites.  I've got a huge library of games, books (both fiction, non-fiction, and technical), and movies. 

Hope you find whatever your looking for and find the site entertaining as well as informational.