Saturday, April 21, 2012

Diablo 3 Open Beta

Quick note to make sure people know that Diablo III has an open Beta this weekend (started yesterday). Perfect chance to get a demo before the game comes out in just a couple weeks. Playing now, will have impressions up soon.

Guild Wars 2 Pre-purchase (and Amazon issues)

As most non-ludites and fantasy fans are surely aware the pre-purchase program for Guild Wars 2 was kicked off last week. Additionally, earlier this week it was announced the first Beta Weekend Event will be next weekend 27-29 April.

Those who pre-purchase the game (pay in full) will receive access to all Beta events (starting next weekend). When the game actually launches pre-purchasers will also get a 3-day head start.

Pre-orders ($5 min. deposit) will NOT have access to beta events, and will receive a 1-day head start (vice the 3-day).

2 sour notes unfortunately, there is still not currently a release date (though it's been stated the game will launch in 2012). ArenaNet employees have also stated that the release date hinges on the performance and feedback on the Beta events.

The other current issue is pre-purchase through Amazon. Though listed as a pre-purchase retailer Amazon currently only has pre-order (1-day head start) availability for physical boxes. It has been stated Amazon will have pre-purchase for the digital version, but no date has been set for when that will be.

In the meantime current on-line pre-purchase options include ArenaNet themselves and GreenManGaming who are currently offering the game for 10% off retail ($53.95). If/when ArenaNet and Amazon are able to work something out I'll update. I know I and many others with Amazon credit would like to put that towars GW2.

Current Amazon Pre-order (1-day start):